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A wealth of information from across the University and City of Oxford.

Whoever you are, Mobile Oxford is your central guide to help you do your day-to-day tasks. Whether it's finding a library book, checking the next bus or even finding what time the nearest post box is collected Mobile Oxford is for you.

You don't need a fancy phone

A device with a web browser is all you need to be able to use most of the features below. Of course if you're lucky enough to own a smartphone you can use more advanced features like your GPS.

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Various phones showing Mobile Oxford



Oxford Wireless Access

Did you know that if you're a member of Oxford University, you have free access to the international 'Eduroam' wireless (WiFi) network?
Learn how to use Eduroam

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Instant Info

On the front page you'll find a little box which gives you quick access to some useful information.

Term Date

Shows you the current week number and term in an Oxford student-friendly way.

River Status

Check the status of the Isis and Godstow at a glance on the front page.

Instant Info Screenshot

The Instant Info section on the front page

Current Weather

See what the current temperature and cloud cover is like.


Find pubs, libraries, colleges and a huge number of other points of interest from around the city in Places.

You can search by name, by category with places and by proximity using your phone's GPS or place name/postcode.

Places you can find

Oxford University
Colleges and PPHs
Post boxes
Post offices
Places to eat
Swimming pools
Sports centres
Punt Hire
Bicycle Racks
Bus Stops
Car Parks
Park and Rides
Taxi Ranks
Train Stations

Find your nearest post box and even the collection time (for most postboxes inside the ring road).

Places to go punting from

How to find things near you

1. Let your phone find position, or enter it in.

2. Find things nearby.

3. Select a category.

4. Get information about the place, including real time bus times at bus stops!

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Library Search

Search Oxford University's extensive library collections on the move. If you have a phone that supports geo-location, Library search will show you a map of the libraries with availability of your book*.

Tip: The 'Universal search' box on the front page will automatically search for a book if you enter its ISBN.

*Be aware that you may not have access to all libraries (especially those contained in colleges).

Library Search box

1. Search for a book

Library Search results

2. Find the right edition

Library Search Map Results

3. See where you can find the book in relation to you.

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Transport Page

With one click you can not get the current status of all five of Oxford's park and rides, Oxford's live rail departure or arrivals board, BBC Road Travel Alerts and live bus information for your five nearest bus stops or favourite bus stops

Park and Ride Status

Park and Ride Status



Library Search Map Results


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WebLearn Mobile Preview

With this "preview" version of WebLearn mobile you can book 'sign-up' events that have been set up by your WebLearn site manager e.g. Tutorials by a course tutor.

We use a technology called "oAuth" to let you access very limited parts of WebLearn through Mobile Oxford without having to re-enter your password every time. To do this, follow the instructions on screen when you first click on the "Sign-Ups" tool (as seen in these screenshots). If at anytime you want to stop your phone having access to your WebLearn account you may stop it by using the instructions on Mobile Oxford or in WebLearn follow the "My workspace"->"Trusted applications" to remove Mobile Oxford.

1.The first page in the one-time authorisation process

2. Select your appropriate account type. NB: Whenever logging into any service, make sure the URL (the address) is one you recognise.

3. WebLearn then asks you to confirm that you want to be able to access WebLearn through Mobile Oxford.

4. Then you can book events!

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Contact search

Search the University e-mail and telephone directories and call them straight

Also included are important contact numbers for students, including welfare, emergency and University services.

Screenshot of the podcasts app showing Dr Stuart Lee's Old English: An Introduction page


A selection of live web cams from around the city to fit your device's screen.
Screenshot showing the Oxford Internet Institute Web cam overlooking St Giles, the Ashmolean and the Randolph Hotel.
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BBC Weather with a three day forecast and live observations from RAF Benson.

Weather Screenshot


Results Releases

Want to know when your exam results have been released but don't want to keep logging into a computer? Check out Results Releases to see when your results have been released wherever you are.

Results Releases App Screenshot

Results Releases

Service Status

Check status updates from Computing Services and Library Services.

Service Status App Screenshot

Service Status

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Quick and mobile optimised access to feeds from around the University are available here. Images are resized to fit your device and are designed to be quick to load.

Tip: you can search all our news items by using the search box at the top of the news page or the universal search on the front page.

Don't see your favourite University news source? Drop us a line: and we'll do our best to put it up.

News Screenshot


Full access to the University of Oxford's public podcasts library as found on and iTunes U, but designed to be easy to browse on your device.

iPhone Tip: When you click on 'podcasts' you will be asked whether you'd like to use your built in iTunes App to browse our podcasts. This gives you a few advantages like being able to queue downloads and store them in your library.

Screenshot of the podcasts app showing Dr Stuart Lee's Old English: An Introduction page